Rigid External Distraction survival
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Basic Tips
Food and Diet

The bulky-but-fragile nature of the RED makes it impossible to wear normal pullover shirts or sweatshirts, but hospital gowns are so undignified, so here are a few ideas:
  • Spaghetti-strap tank tops are awesome for girls.  Buy them a few sizes too big, or get the super-low kind that have extra long straps.  The long straps give enough space to get it over the RED.  Once you have it on, take the extra strap length on your shoulders and tie them up into little knots.  It's super cute but modest.

  • You can also get cheap button-ups basically anywhere (check store outlets, secondhand stores, and cheap department stores).

  • Zip-up hoodies... enough said.

  • In general, bigger is better, so borrowing button-down shirts from parents is another good option. Since you probably won't be going out much, your wardrobe is not that important, so bottom line: just be comfortable.

Handling the Public